Creed Temporary Donation Shop

Please note, the bonus is calculated inside the coins column.

Optional Options:

15$ = {VIP}Tag
20$ = Custom Tag
40$ = Change gear (from a class to another, keeping the same stats)
10$ = Change Name
10$ = Change Class
10$ = Weapon skins of your choice (require a +10 weapon)
10$ = Any exclusive costume, wings or aura (1 of those 3)
25$ = Any exclusive costume, wings or aura (all 3, bundle price)

Donation Link

Please note any donation is final and not refundable. Z-Points are contribuation points being given to you as a reward to help us keep the server alive.

After using our donation link.

Please send a message to our Facebook page.
Please specify the transaction ID + character name + details of what you donated for.

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